Recently, we were working on a very terrible, heartbreaking and traumatising case of young girl who suddenly became pregnant at 13 shocking the entire community and family members. [thread]

When asked who impregnated her she said she had no idea stating that maybe someone had defiled her during her sleep. Being professional we knew it was a cooked up story that someone close to her had told her to say. So we changed strategy and asked her properly she later disclosed that it was her own biological father who took advantage of her every night from the time she was about 11.

she narrated that on that fateful day while her mother had gone to sleep at a funeral in the neighborhood, her father came to her bedroom around 20:00hrs tore her clothes and defiled her.

He threatened to kill her if she said anything and because she feared her mother so much she was confused and kept quiet.

When her mother came back the following day, she never said anything even when the mother asked why she was limping. After 4 days her mother was about to wash the clothes when she found blood on one of her bedsheets. She asked asked her who narrated what the father had done.The mother quickly told her to never speak of such again.She accused her of seducing her father and told her a lot of hurtful words, so she kept quite from that day.

The abuse continued and girl lost count of how many times her father abused her.She become a sex slave to her father who would sometimes sneak her from school and and go have sex with her at a nearby bush or Lodge.

Her salvation only come when she got pregnant at age 13 shocking the entire community who wanted answers and that’s when the abuse stopped.

The relevant authorities stepped in and rescued this little girl from her family to a safe home. She had a very painful delivery, she struggled for hours and only gave birth by to a baby girl. Our little girl is still in a safe home and has since started school.

She hates the baby and has refused to breastfeed, I tell you it is but a sorry sight.

People, companies donated for her to be safe and ok.

There so many times she hides in a corner doesn’t want to eat,go to school, talk, or bath she just cries and we let her because we know it is part of the healing process. She is under serious child counselling and we are hopeful that things will one day turn out good for her.

She has trouble sleeping at night thinking the father will come but some days are good she learns how to smile.

This is just one case, there so many such cases in our community and as I write this morning a child was sexually abused last night by her own father, her uncle,her brother or her cousin let us all be alert there are our future leaders. We should know that by allowing and hiding rape and defile we are giving power to the perpetrators and would be monsters to harm and destroy the lives of our child.

As a mother , surely what will it profit you to experience the pain of labour only to let your husband abuse your own biological daughter so that you can please him , really up to now it still baffles me how you go to bed every night,swallow food, how you can wash clothes and cook or even sleep with your husband knowing he is abusing your daughter, niece or cousin. Women we need to rise up a comfortable life, food or house cannot be compared to your daughters life or future.

This year we must deliberately spare time away from our busy schedules,TV,friends or social media to actually check on our daughters, sometimes we must bath our daughters, have a talk with your daughters.

In South africa every 3 hours a child is sexually abused, let not your child be part of the 2020 statistics.

They say not everything that glitters is gold,some people are rotten inside,they are mad,they are evil, they are rapists and they can harm your daughter be vigilant ,its a nasty, cruel world.

when you see a man entering a room with a small girl no matter who they are alert the police or check on them you might just save a life.

We all need to take a stand , our girls are crying silent prayers everyday… Be vigilant.

If you are a man or woman reading this and you are abusing an orphan, your daughter, your cousin or whoever please Remember this young woman before you unzip your trousers.

If you are a victim and you are reading this please know that you are not alone, seek help or talk to someone we are here for you 24/7 don’t bottle such gruesome acts to yourself.

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