Ghanaian Snapchat Slayqueen Known As Hajia Pssy AKA Q6ueen of Dcks Is Dead, Allegedly Murdered By Sakawa Boys

Queen of dicks,that sounds wired right .A Snapchat slay queen known as Hajia Pssy, sometimes known as Queen of Dcks real name Rahinatu has died.

Hajia P*ssy died earlier this week after battling a mysterious illness for the past two months.

Hajia was one of the many proud ‘hos’ littering Snapchat who sell their bodies to fund their lavish lifestyle.

In December last year, she fell sick and started having mysteriously intense headaches.

Despite visiting the hospital numerous times, there seemed to be no improvement to her condition. Men of God and ‘mallams’ could not help her either.

looks like she was allegedly use by the sakawa boys for fetish rituals according to rumours
On Sunday, January 26th, she finally passed away.

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