The village of Abia state deputy Governor witnessed evil of multiple dimensions happened :IHEDIGBO MBAUKWU

A man had issues with his wife.Story had it that the woman threatened the man that she is no longer interested in the marriage .The man allegedly shot the woman dead.

The best the youths of this community could do was to smoke this man out.Desecrated his body with different sharp and blunt objects and finally these youths happily burnt this man alive

This man has small children . These youths did not only killed the man ,they also destroyed all his property and burnt down his house into ashes.

Get this well,this man’s action is evil and condemnable but the actions of the youths are worse and abominable than the man’s action.

Why did these youth do this to this children.

These youth’s act is evil,reprehensible, barbarous and callous .

They lack knowledge and has no single conscience.

What stops them from arresting the man probably beat him and hand him over to the law enforcement to do the needful for the sake of the children?

Now this community has a serious blood in their land and in their hands to contend with.

I plead for Nigerian police to go into this blood-infested village and arrest every single youth in that village and prosecute them for arson and murder.

My mind bleeds because when will these children come out from the trauma of seeing their father and mother butchered right in front of them in less than an hour.

May God help us.The days are evil and extremely wicked .Call it end time you won’t be wrong.

Chaiii!!!! OMG..!!!!

Fortunately this is the village of the deputy Governor of Abia state

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