Amanda travelled 18hours to see her boyfriend only to find out he had another girlfriend and both visited same time.

A lady identified as Amanda narrated her ordeal,after travelling on an 18hours journey to see her online boyfriend for about a year now.

After many persuation,she finally decide to pay him a visit in a far away land and called to inform him in which he agreed to!

The said boyfriend was living in a room apartment which he had let known to her before hand.

She said the journey lasted for 18 hours and when she finally arrived there,she was completely exhausted!.

Few minutes after she got to his house,his girlfriend arrived and an argument ensured.

Due to the fact that she was new to the state,she had nowhere to go and the girlfriend was adamant on living either.

So when night came,she had to sleep on the floor while the said boyfriend slept with the girlfriend on the bed.

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