Ladies explain reasons why she used water to wash her private part to cook for her ex boyfriend

Ladies washing their private with water and using the water to cook for their boyfriend when love goes sour is becoming a popular trend now.

A Nigerian lady who choose to be anonymous has taken to social media to justify her reason using water she used to wash her private part to cook for her estrange lover.

According to her, men deserve such a dastardly treatment because of the way most of them treated their girlfriends by cheating on them.

She said; ” Tamba is when you wash your period vag or anus insde food for your boyfriend or husband, for punishment. I did it to my ex-boyfriend last year December as bye bye gift. I ate beans, fish and egg so the shit will have flavour. At least, he will kiss the girl with my bum bum in her mouth. Very effective punishment for demon.”

Continuing, she said, Ladies if you tamba in a man’s food, make sure you watch him eat it in a sweeter way.

To be fair a lot of men deserve period menstruation tamba in their food, plus ‘kelebe’ to spice it up. My ex boyfriend deserved tamba and I did it to him. He deserves it!”

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