Failed Trap :-How my #gateman #slept me mistakenly thinking it was my #husband.

I have domestic workers that assists me in my household duties, my husband is a very busy man that comes back only at night to sleep and go back to his office, most times I think he should just live at the office.

My female maid has been the one that takes food to my husband at the office every afternoon and I have discovered that she is always happy to go to that office everyday, and when my husband comes back at night he speaks very good of her.

I then began to suspect that they are having an affair, and begin to strategize on how to catch them. I began to watch movements between my husband’s room and my maids room, then one midnight I heard some movement and little noise at my maids room, so I concluded that it was my husband in action,

I immediately went to my husband’s room to confirm my suspecion but he wasn’t in the room.

I then decided to set a trap that can catch him in action because I needed to have a very strong evidence.
After perfecting my plans, I sent my maid to sleep in my room while I sleep at hers that night.

At about midnight, (I had put off the lights and lay on the bed) true to my suspecion, somebody came into the room and came straight to the bed, I then kept quiet and allow him to have his way, thinking it was my husband. but after a while I could tell it wasn’t my husband,I then decided to get up and put on the light, when I switched on the light, behold my gateman.
I feel like running away from my house, the embarrassment is too much to bear seeing the gateman everyday and what if my husband happens to find out what will I do.
This is a lesson to fellow women out there, please learn to trust your husband, I have learnt my lesson in a very hard way.

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