Some Pastors Are Worse Than The Devil – Lady Reveals After A Port Harcourt Pastor Refused To Save Her Sick Brother

A lady has taken to her social media page to reveal a sad story of how she was denied permission to pray with her sick brother in the church. She claimed that her pastor refused to pray for her sick brother and refused to let her in to pray for her dying brother.

She identified the church as salvation ministry.

The young lady identified as Shewawa on Twitter wrote a story about how this all happened.

She tweeted:

I’ve always wondered how people get the energy to talk about their grief online. I would say that if i lost a loved one, tweeting about it would be the last thing on my mind. But I’m just here to talk about one aspect of the tragedy yesterday because yes, I’m enraged.

Yes, I want the world to hear of this wickedness.
Yesterday at the office, I got a call from my brother that my three-weeks old nephew went to bed as usual and never woke up. In a trance, I went straight to the airport and got on the last flight back home.

My family is completely shattered and broken.
After my beautiful nephew was pronounced dead at the hospital, my sister and brother-in-law took him and ran to their church in desperation. All they wanted to do was lay him at the altar and pray to God. But on getting to the church, the pastors at Salvation Ministries, GRA, Port Harcourt stopped them from entering the church.
They started asking them questions like: ” Where you married here?” “Did the baby get baptized here?” Etc.
My family, along with neighbour and friends, were pleading with these people to just open the doors or pray for them.
A particular pastor said to my mum: “How can you go to Zenith bank and ask for First bank account?” As though God is a transactional service that only deals with his own customers.
They refused to open the doors, pray for my devastated family or even show the tiniest compassion. Instead, they sent them away because they couldn’t prove they were members of the church.
My family and I are together now. We’ve sent our angel to God and we are trying to process all that happen. I just wanted to say this because we’ve really forgotten the true meaning of Christianity. It’s not about denominations or what church you go to or judging people

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