My father raped me, got me Pregnant ,now am with my Father’s second baby,am 17 now

I am the only child of my parents, my mum passed away when I was eleven years old.

The whole mystery started when my dad decided we move to a new place. Our new home was in the middle of a forest, you barely see people pass by, it was a quiet place.

I stopped going to school, so, whenever my dad goes out, he will lock me indoor, after we must have had breakfast and providing something little for me to eat later in the day, then he returns late at night drunk and begin to curse me for no reason.

Oneday, one horrible day, he got back home drunk as usual, looking angry, I was looking at him but very furious, he got close to me and whispered “shhh” he said, “if I hear pim, I will kill you and you will join your mother where she is” so I obeyed him.

He started touching me, I couldn’t understand what was going on, to cut the story short, my father raped me.

He never felt sorry, infact, it became a usual thing, it continued till I got pregnant with his first child. I couldn’t tell what was happening but I noticed changes in my body. It took a while before he found out that I was pregnant, at that time, my belly was not the usual size.

Eventually, I gave birth in that house with the help of my father. I still could not go out, he made sure he gets whatever we need and would bring it home.

Not too long,I got pregnant again, this time I got very sick that I pleaded with my dad to take me to the hospital. He later agreed after so much begging but told me to lie that I am his wife or he would kill me when we return from the hospital, so I agreed again.

With luck on my side, I was alone with the nurse who attended to me, so I quickly narrated my story to her. I am now 17 years old and I don’t want to end my life this way.

She assured me that I will be safe and the matter was taken up immediately. Unfortunately, my dad left the hospital and did not return.

The police are currently looking for him. Help me people!

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