I am in love with Malam Habu who is our gate man, but I am afraid of my father – Young lady discloses

Malam Habu, a tall giant Hausa man with a very calming voice, he is still in his early 50s is currently the only person that has completely occupied all the available space in my heart.

His selflessness, kindness, hard work and simplicity are what got me strongly attracted to him.

Malam Habu is currently single, he lost his wife last year to a cervical cancer, and since then he decided to remain single.

He has been very loyal to everyone in the house throughout the seven years he has been working as a gate man.

I am very optimistic that Malam Habu won’t reject my request but my main problem now is my father, he will never accept a gate man as his in-law, pride will not let him that happen, my father is very rigid and can seriously punish me or even disown me if I disclose what’s in my mind to him.

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