“I Am Scared Of borrowing my boy friend 700k”- Sandra

A 29 years old lady Sandra said she is scared of borrowing her 33 years old boy friend the sum of 700k.

Hello, my name is sandra am 29yrs and I have a boyfriend who is 33yrs, We have been happily dating for close to 3 years now, he once assisted me financially with 100k when I had problem with my little business, then he was doing pretty fine with his business, I sell plastics and he is doing cloth business.

Something happened 2 months ago, he had terrible problems with his business and lost almost everything including his shop and in a bid to salvage his situation he ended up owing many people.
when all these started he didn’t tell me, thou he’s a kind of person that likes handling his problem alone without telling me which I don’t like because it Somehow makes me feel less important and useful to him.

I got to know when he changed, his attitude, moods and everything changed, he’s always disturbed, thinking and always visiting people, he payed less concern and attention to me, don’t even call and when I call, he will be in a haste to end it.
I became confused, so I had to asked what was going on, he said nothing, I got upset and insisted he must tell me, he then opened up, I felt so bad and almost cried, since then I have been trying to maintain his upkeep and sometimes give him money which he’s not comfortable with.
The problem now Is that I’m scared, he asked for a huge amount of money from me which is 700k, he wants to start all over again in his cloth business and also clear some debt, and I can only boast of 820k home and abroad as a business woman, i just feel he saw my account balance before asking for this, Im scared to loose the money and him too.
I love this guy but I’m so scared of doing this, he helped me when I needed money, but this sacrifice is bigger than me, he showed and detailed everything he will be doing with the money, I’m just confused to gamble with my life savings, I know I might sound ungrateful what if the business or our relationship crumble? Won’t I be stranded and doomed? My business is not that strong and we all know how most of sacrifices like this ended for people.

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