#Woman #killed her #husband just to Date a #yahoo-Boy who #lavished a lot of #money in her #bar (details)

Strange things are really happening in this world. Is that the end of time? You bet it is the end of the world from what we read in the papers and hear on the radio.

You can imagine a married woman who killed her husband because she wanted to be with another man. She made it known that she loved her husband otherwise she wouldn’t have married him.

I let the act of immorality took over me. I fell in love with this young boy. He is a yahoo-yahoo and he’s about 24 years. I am 15 years older than him.

He lavished a lot of money in my bar whenever he comes to drink with his colleagues. Indirectly, he will flirt with me. I got his message that he wants me too.
Since my husband lost his job, things have been tough. I am the only one who has been carrying the burden.

To worsen the matter, my husband became irresponsible. He would drink to stupor and beat me mercilessly at any slight disagreement. I couldn’t take it anymore.

By the time this was happening, I was already planning to leave. But the love of my kids wouldn’t let me. One day at the bar, this young boy came and noticed I was deep in thought.

He asked what happened and I explained. He gave me some money and told me to cheer up.
All these got into my head. I knew it would be difficult to leave my husband because of the love my family has towards him. But I don’t want to lose this young boy as he was really interested in me. I decided to poison my husband. At least, if he dies, I can have my way.

Eventually, I did. He died and I dated this young boy secretly. After a few months, I took in for him. When I told him, he refused and asked me to terminate it. He said he can’t marry me because he didn’t trust me. Besides, I am too old for him.
I wasn’t too old when he was climbing me, I wasn’t old when he wooed me, but now that I am pregnant, he realized that I am.
He disconnected from me. He blocked me on his phone and stayed far away. I never heard from him or know his whereabouts. I feel so ashamed and guilty. I hope my late husband and children would forgive me. I hope the whole world would forgive me. Lastly, I hope God will forgive me.
Whatever is the consequence of my actions, I am happy to face it.

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