Good Friends release “Senior Song Book” album at 102 and 88 years old respectively

Age is just a number to the latest song writing sensation. Marvin Weisbord, 88, writes the music. But he’s practically a teeny-bopper compared to his friend Alan Tripp, 102, who writes the lyrics.

“All my life I tried to be a songwriter. I had to wait until I was 102 to be a success,” Tripp said.

Weisbord said he thought he was just writing a song for Alan’s birthday and that would be “the end of it.” But it was just the beginning. 

Recently, they recorded an album of original songs called “Senior Song Book,” with help from some younger crooners. They call it “music like the 1940’s, words for the 2020’s.”

“We’ve been out of stock on the album. People want to make it into a cabaret show,” Tripp said.

The songs are about love, lost love and the ups and downs of aging, with lyrics like, “I know I ought to kiss you. But baby there’s an issue. I just can’t remember your name.”

But do remember the names Tripp and Weisbord, who are showing that it’s never too late to make your dreams come true.

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