My Pastor pushed me on the bed and entered my London,gave me 5k,I am still in shock.

This is a true life story about how my pastor shifted my pant and entered my London.

It was on that faithful afternoon, December 25 th 2018, after Christmas service, my pastor’s wife invited me to their house to assist her look after her 6 months old child while she sorts herself out in the kitchen. I had double thoughts but since she is my pastor’s wife why will I say no?
I took permission from my mum and I went there and I also assisted her in the kitchen and did other things I could to make sure she enjoyed my company.
After some hours, my pastor came back from church and was so tired and hungry, I was at the sitting room when his wife asked me to check on him and ask him if he is ready for lunch?

After a while, the wife received a call from a church member about a meeting they are to have that evening in church and I was asked to watch over the house and the baby. The husband left with her and I was alone with their baby watching movie.
By 5pm PHCN too their light and the whole place became stuffy, I decided to take of my t-shirt and I was left with my crop top. Within few minutes my pastor came in unexpectedly and he saw my mode of dressing and coughed, I rushed to my t-shirt and put it on, apologizing to him that I was hot and had to take of my shirt. He looked at me lustfully and told me how beautiful I was, and how nice I was taking care of the baby. He complimented more about my looks and I was happy that my pastor admired how beautiful I was.
I asked about the wife he said she went to see a friend that she will be back shortly, and I asked if I could go now that I had other things to do at home but he refused. After a while, he told me to take of my shirt and feel free if I am too hot that he was going to sleep in the living room.

After he left I took of my shirt and I was comfortable once more because the heat was much. Few minutes later he called me that I should bring the baby to the room and I replied I will be there shortly let me wear my cloth but he insisted I came like that.
I went and gave him the baby and I wanted to leave then he grabbed my hand and started touching me. Now I was so uncomfortable and was confused, he promised to do anything for me that I just turned him on, before I said jack Robinson he pushed me on the bed and entered my London.

After that he thanked me for my corporation and handed me the sum of 5k that I can get myself what I want. I was very guilty and did not collect the money. I couldn’t believe what happened and till date I am still in shock.

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