jealous father Kills His 2 Kids and himself, After He Caught Their Mother Sleeping With Another Man

A jealous father took out his two kids who he killed, after he caught their mother sleeping with another man during a video call with her. It was gathered that the horrific family murder incident happened after new year.

The kids identified as Anna and Mary who were killed by their father after he caught their mother sleeping with another man, had visited him as they were on Christmas holiday.

It was gathered that 38-year-old Samuel hanged his two children, before hanging himself.

The deceased’s younger sister Josephina who said they are still shocked that his brother killed his daughters and himself, told reporters,

“He called us with his phone and complained that the mother of his girls is making him a fool, she brought the girls over for Christmas so that she can enjoy herself with another man. He continued saying that he saw her enjoying herself with another man inside a house.

Afterwards around 8pm he called us again that he killed his kids and we should come and see them.

We didn’t believe him, we rushed to his house and indeed when we entered the house they were hanging on the roof. He called us again around 3am and said he is killing himself”.

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