Help! My born-again Wife Cannot Dissociate Herself From Her Ex,prolonged chatting on whatsapp every day

My wife is a born-again Christian, we have been married for 20years and I have absolute trust in her until recently when she found her ex-boyfriend 4 years ago when she lost her father, the ex got to know about it and sent her 50k to cover some burial expenses.

Since then they have been having prolonged chatting on whatsapp every day, I have been reading the chats. Initially it seemed like normal chats like “how was your day?”, “good morning, how was your night?” these chats always lead to other small talks. But recently the chats have taken another turn.

Now we have chats like “I couldn’t sleep last night, I kept thinking of you” to which my wife would reply “same here”. Last night the chat went like this. Wife: “now that we have found each other, what next?” Ex: “I am here to reclaim what rightfully belongs to me but was taken away from me 20years ago”. Wife: “don’t you think that would be difficult?

I’d like to see how you would do that”. Physically I know they have not been seeing each other because we are living in Abeokuta and the ex-boyfriend is living in Kaduna.

But these chats are giving me so much worry. I don’t know where it’s leading to. They might plan to kill me.

I have not confronted my wife knowing that the chats will stop and they might go underground. Pls, I need advices of fellow nairalanders

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