Meet Pastor T.B Joshua’s Beautiful Daughters ,One Is a lawyer who studied in London

Hardly is there anyone who doesn’t know Pastor T.B Joshua. But not may know his two well-educated beautiful daughters. Unlike the children of other men of God and celebrities, T.B Joshua’s children, founder and lead pastor of Synagogue, are hardly in the news for anything. This however does not mean his daughters are underachievers, quite the opposite. The beautiful daughters of the pastor are mostly in the shadows, leaving their father to enjoy his popularity alone.

T.B Joshua is not just a Televangelist, he is also a husband and father. The man of God has made it a habit to help the poor and underprivileged in the society. His church in Lagos is always filled with those seeking miracles, financial assistance and spiritual guidance. In all of this, he has been able to shield his daughters out of the public eye.
He is happily married to Evelyn Joshua, mother of his 2 beautiful daughters. His daughters’ names are Serah Joshua and Promise Joshua. Serah is the first child and daughter of Joshua and Evelyn while Promise is the second child.

Serah Joshua
Serah Joshua is a lawyer who studied in London. It is quite unclear if she is practicing law in Nigeria or in London, however, what is clear is that Serah is a bright mind who wants to make a name for herself in the long arm of justice and also make her father proud.
She was called to the Bar in New York in 2015.
The daughter is humble and makes sure not to invoke her father’s status whenever she deems fit. Like I earlier stated, she is trying to make a name for herself, so she is carefully working her through the path of success.
Serah Joshua looks up to father. She almost worships him. In her interview, she made mention of so many qualities she’d like to take from her father. Serah is a beautiful hardworking young woman, age 26.

Promise Joshua

Promise Joshua, age 20, is a student in London, the same school her older sister, Serah Joshua attended. Promise is studying politics and international relations at the London School of Economics. She might just come back to Nigeria and become the answer to the political problems of Nigeria, just as her father is helping Nigerians spiritually.
Promise is glad to be the daughter of T.B Joshua and says her father is really a nice person. Well, no one can argue with that. Even strangers know his generosity and kindness, talk less of his own family.
Promise agreed with her sister, Serah on the high qualities of her Father. Promise also looks up to her father. She revealed that she was envious of how sister has followed her father’s footsteps and achieved so much. She also wants to tow that path, hoping that she can also come out great with better results at a young age.
T.B Joshua is a blessed father. His beautiful daughters are making him proud. They have finished the first stage of their lives and I suspect that we would hear from them soon.
There have been rumours about another child, however, it has not been confirmed.

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