Can you imagine! LASU Money Ritual: I only removed Her Heart and Breasts – Pastor

When you remove this two items from a human, what next is the life all about?

The Pastor who performed the money ritual using the heart of Favor Daley-Oladele, undergraduate of Lagos State University (LASU) has confessed that he removed the victim’s breast while noting he was not the one who smashed her head with a pestle as reported by various news agencies.

He made this known while speaking with Punch at the police headquarters, Eleweran, Abeokuta, on Monday.

Segun Philips, Pastor of Cherubim and Seraphim White garment church, Solutions Chapel, Ikoyi-Ile has revealed how Owolabi Adeeko and his mother approached him with N210, 000 instead of N250, 000 to perform a ritual using Owolabi’s girlfriend, Favour.

Speaking to newsmen about his ministry,  Philip said he was initially called by God but he lost his call during the course of his pastoral work.

He also claimed Owolabi’s mother was not aware that Favour’s heart was the major ingredient of the concoction she ate.

“She was not aware that we used human parts for the concoction I gave her.

“I prepared the concoction for her and her son because I was broke and I needed money. I demanded N250,000, but I was paid N210,000.

However, the Cherubim and Seraphim Shepherd denied smashing the victim’s head to smithereens as widely reported by the media.

He said he carved out her breasts and other vital organs of her body while Owolabi did the smashing.

“It is true; I slaughtered Favour with a knife. I was the one, who removed her heart, breasts and other vital organs, so that we could use them for rituals.

“But, I was not the one, who smashed her head with a pestle. Owolabi did that.”

Owolabi, who is already in custody has also confessed he killed his girlfriend Favour, for ritual purposes.

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