Man disappears with his son’s fiancee, impregnates her; Says his son is too broke to take care of a lady

I woke up to this news on this blog this morning.

According to the residents, the wheat farmer has three wives and his appetite for young girls has never left him.

He ran away with her and later got her pregnant.
It’s reported that the young girl gave in and the two decided to go for a small trip to Narok town where the two stayed for weeks before their cover was blown.
When asked why he decided to snatch his son his wife, the man openly said that his son was too young to marry and that he would not afford to take care of the young girl.

The son in disbelief told the journal he did not believe that his own father would do such. He, however, gave them his blessings saying he respected his father and was okay with whatever he chose to do.”

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