LASU Money Ritual:My Daughter Was buried in the church premises where the heinous act was committed:-Victim’s Father

LASU Money Ritual: My Daughter Was Buried On Church Grounds - Victim's Father

The father of the LASU undergraduate who was gruesomely murdered by her boyfriend and his mother for money ritual, has revealed that his daughter was buried in the church premises where the heinous act was committed.

Newsmen gathered that Favour, an undergraduate of Lagos State University (LASU) who was on her way to school, had branched to see her boyfriend, Owolabi at an undisclosed location where he lured her to his hometown in Ikoyi-Ile, Osun state.

Unknown to Favour, Owolabi and his mum connived to use her for money rituals.

The victim was lodged in Fortress hotel where she was later drugged before her body was taken to meet Philip the white garment Pastor, who had been contacted to perform the ritual.

In her drugged state, Philip smashed her head to smithereens using a pestle. He allegedly ripped open her chest, carved her heart out and used it to make a concoction for the boyfriend and his mother.

Aa part of the money ritual procedures, Owolabi and his mother were asked to eat the concoction prepared with Favour’s heart.

However, the victim’s parents became worried as all efforts to reach their daughter on the phone proved abortive.

Her sudden disappearance became a huge source of worry as they later contacted the Police who tracked Favour’s mobile phone to a remote location in Ikoyi-Ile.

Favour’s father who is a Pastor has revealed that the suspects buried his daughter’s dismembered body in front of the white garment church the same location where she was gruesomely murdered.

“She came home for a short visit and was to go back to school for her final examination. But while at home, she received a phone call from an anonymous person and told us that she would be seeing a friend on her way to school. But when it got late, I called her phone but it was unreachable; her mother could also not contact her.”

“On Monday and Tuesday, she didn’t call and her number was still not going through, so, we went to search for her in school and her hostel, but she was nowhere to be found. I also went to hospitals and mortuaries to search for her but did not see her, so, I went to report at the Mowe Police Station.”

The victim’s father has demanded justice for his daughter, he wants her killers brought to book.

“I want justice. My wife is seriously ill; I had to rush her to the Biobatam Hospital in Iyana Ipaja, Lagos. Her illness is because of stress and as a result of what happened. This is a trying time for me.”

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