A Chinese National have been Arrested for Allegedly Taking Pictures Inside Florida Naval Base Restricted Area

Chinese National Arrested After Allegedly Taking Photos Inside Florida Naval Base Restricted Area

Officials in Florida say a Chinese national has been arrested for taking photos inside of a Florida naval base, CNN reports.

Naval officials say that they arrested Liao Lyuyou on December 26th for entering a “restricted area” within Naval Air Station Key West.

Once inside the area, Lyuyou reportedly began taking photos of an annex at the base and other “government buildings within the vicinity of sensitive military facilities,” according to court documents.

According to the documents, the man stated he was trying to take photos of the sunrise after U.S. military police approached him. He then gave them permission to look at his camera where they found images of both the Truman Annex, as well as photos of other buildings in the area.

Lyuyou has been charged with entering a military property “for the purpose of photographing defense installations.”

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