Unbelievable! young lady said she Will not Marry Any Man Whose mother Is still Alive{See Reason}

This is truly unbelievable. A young lady by name, Lillian, yesterday told her friend during a friendly discussion, that she will never marry a man whose mother is still alive. The discussion occurred in Abraka, Delta State, Nigeria.

The girl by name,Cynthia who shared the post on whatsapp group said that Lilian is the girl her elder brother wants to marry. Her elder brother whose name is, James proposed to Lilian on the second day of December,Lilian said no to her brothers proposal James came back home and explained to his sister what had happened, Cynthia consoled her brother and promised him that she will have a discussion with Lilian later, to know why she refused. According to Cynthia, she decided to talk with Lilian because they were friends and James told her (Cynthia )that Lilian refused to give him any reason why she said no. Below is the detail of the discussion as Cynthia wrote it.

My name is Cynthia, I am from imo state, Nigeria,but I stay in Abraka, Delta State, with my elder brother (James).There is this girl my brother wants to marry, her name is Lilian. My elder brother proposed to her early December and she said no to him. My brother (James) came back home heartbroken. He explained what had happened and how sad he felt. He said that the worst part of the whole matter, was that Lilian refused to give him any reason why. I consoled him and promised to try and find out why.

I went over to her place yesterday to have a girl to girl talk With her. Well, she finally told me why she said no to my brothers proposal. She said that she will never marry any man whose mother is still alive. God! I was truly shocked to hear this kind of response from her. She was busy telling me that she didn’t have the strength to fight with any mother-in-law. According to her, her sister who married five years ago has been having problems with her mother-in-law. She said that she has no problems with my brother,but she won’t marry him because his mother (my mother )was still alive I regreted why I went there in the first place. I was so angry that I had strong urge to fight her. I was able to control myself self and I left her house without saying a word.

When I got home, my stupid brother insisted that he will try to convince her to marry him. I have already sworn that I will never be alive and allow Lilian to marry my brother. Who knows, her hatred for mother-in-laws might drive her to do the unthinkable. Please if you were in my shoes,will you try to convince Lilian to marry my brother?Please I need possible solutions/answers.

Well, this story is truly touching. I have already told her to refuse to endorse the Union. Such girls are trouble. What is your opinion. What will you do if you where Cynthia? Remember to like and share this post. I will try to keep in touch with her, in other to give you updates relating to this story. God bless us all.

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