“I Am fine if My Man decided to Have A Side Chick”- Says Huddah Monroe

The discussion surrounding Men having extra marital affairs is seen as a sensitive subject.

Now a days, some couples  have open relationships where they are  allowed to date other people outside of each other.

According to them, they believe that affairs keep relationships alive and not boring.

A Kenyan Socialite, Huddah Monroe has expressed her views via her instagram account.

Huddah advised her fellow women to have extramarital affairs in order not to be miserable.

Huddah noted that she does not mind if her man has a side chick as long as he is discreet about the affair.

Huddah noted that she can never leave a man for cheating on her, according to her, if the man falls in love with another woman and spends money on her, then she would take action.

Huddah said:

“I don’t mind my man having a side chick. As long as he does it secretly! After 5 kids, i probably won’t be able to fuck him the same way!

“Men need sex so they can cum to think properly. Cheating is the least of my worries in a relationship! I will never leave a man for cheating.

Him falling in love and spending our money on that bitch! That’s a problem. Like WTF!! Meanwhile, I don’t think i’d be attracted to my man for life!

“30 years, same dck? I can’t eat meat everyday! Sometimes i want the good old chicken! Another day veggies. Its Human nature! That’s why most married women are miserable looking!

“Your man is older than you but you look 60 years older because he enjoying life and you aint. Do shit secretly. Don’t fall in love.

“Appreciate and respect your husband… create a strong partnership!! Not a prison chamber

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