A man in Kenya has confessed to using a three months old pregnancy to renew his power he got from the marine spirit.

When further question after he fell under the power of the holy ghost during a crusade organised in a popular church in Kenya.

“I have several girlfriends that I promised marriage to and i told them that if they can give me just a child and that we will get married.

Little did they know that once they are pregnant for me within the first three months of the pregnancy they will start seeing blood which shows that my ritual is completed.
Nothing will happen to then though just that they will loose their pregnancy if it belongs to me.”
When further inquiry from him what will happened if the pregnancy wasn’t his.

“As long has we had s** together they will still loose it. Whatever is done, it was done one me to always get the child’s destiny for me riches.”

I am tired of all these that’s why I am here to get cleans of all evil power deposited inside me and I know that coming here today I have received my deliverance IJN.

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