My Boss Raped Me ,Forced himself on me in our Office

Why do some bosses always feel like God these days?

It is absurd to know that office harassment still exists in the workplace. But the question is, how do we stop it and the future occurrence?

I once remembered a time I was applying for jobs, I experienced different unpleasant scenarios from recruiters and hiring managers. There were times when I felt like giving up, but giving up was never an option for me.

However, I feel it is impossible to stop office harassment after what my friend told me yesterday. She permitted me to share her story, so she can get the necessary and needed help from the audience.
She told me that her boss had raped her and lied that he was under the influence of alcohol. Although she admitted that she saw it coming, rape was the least she expected from him.

It happened that her boss told her to stay back for over time. Since she had done it (over time) twice before, she felt comfortable with it. Moreover, overtime is also more money.

But the story was different when the boss started something else. She said he started by saying some things that were not pleasant to the ears which she wasn’t comfortable with those words.

The next he did was to grab her and pulled her against the wall. She said she tried to stop him but he was too strong as he overpowered her and forced his way in.

What a wicked world. The worst part of it, she couldn’t scream to avoid being embarrassed or tagged by the public. Even if she did, it was obvious that no one would have heard her as they were in the inner office of the boss that is barricaded by glasses.

But the question now is, should she continue the work or resign?

If yes, what should she do to avoid future occurrence?

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