Anambra State born role interpreter and Rising actress, Jane Obi say’s Life will be miserable without good sex.

Rising actress, Jane Obi has shared her stance on premarital sex. The Anambra State born role interpreter noted that life will be miserable without good sex.
In her words:

“Asides the African values, there is nothing wrong with premarital sex, infact you can only have a fulfilled sexual life if you experience it all before marriage. Those are limitations placed on humans by fellow humans.

I must confirm because life will be miserable without good sex”.
Asked if an actor has ever been aroused when acting with her, she said: “Yes I have had such an experience, but don’t ask who the person is, I won’t tell you. I am sexy and I know it .It has happened more than once”.
Obi also debunked the notion that actresses are promiscuous.

According to her: “Promiscuity has nothing to do with the profession. It’s personal decision. People also say same things about people who work in banks, about nurses and others. The only difference is that actors are public figures”.
Going down memorable lane, she recounted how she started acting.
“Well I started with a theatre group; we would do rehearsals all night without necessarily shooting. So by the time I joined the actors guild, I already knew one or two things about acting. My first major film was with Tchidi chikere and yes I was scared. The movie is titled ‘Unforkable’ featuring Nkem Owoh, Nuella Njubigbo and others”.

Sharing her unforgettable embarrassing moment with a fan, the svelte actress said: “A woman at a mall asked me why am I so beautiful in real life and ugly in a movie she said she watched. I didn’t know what to say”.
Obi also said if she has her way, she won’t marry a Nigerian.
“If I have my way I would marry a white man though I haven’t dated one before. But from what I see, I think they are more loyal”.

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