Woman who jumped a fence to steal bag of rice,instead of beating her up,she gets donations from people who caught her

This suspect was allegedly arrested with a stolen bag of rice she reportedly jumped over a fence to steal from a couple that went for a church service.

According to an eyewitness witness instead of beating her up for attempting to steal, they contributed money for her to go and feed herself and her family.

This is strange, in a country where mob justice, widely known as ‘mob lynching’, ‘mob action’ or ‘jungle justice’, is one of the major trending issues in Nigeria and a phenomenon that seems to have become a part of Nigerians over the past few years, the people that caught this woman did not only let her go, they had pity on her and decided to contribute money for her to use for her upkeep.

Obviously, they knew what must have prompted her to risk her life by going to steal.

Well, in my opinion, they did the right thing. The concept and act of disregarding the rule of law and taking matters into one’s hands should not in anyway be encouraged.

If we look at the economic situation of this country and how the masses are suffering, we would have pity on petty thieves. Most commit this crimes because of hunger.

We have lost our Norms and Values, our right to love and now engaged in all form of atrocities, all because we want to serve justice in our hands, but the big questions are ;

Are We Doing the Right Thing?

will it ever stop robbery activities in Nigeria?

Are we killing the right people?

May God bless the people that contributed money for her instead of lynching her.

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