Despite being married, my husband still uses protection with me since 2017

The bible says, ”sex is meant to be enjoyed after marriage”, but that was a different case with a woman whose name won’t be disclosed.

She cried out on a Saturday morning. She said, ”Since we got married in 2017, he has always used protection with me when making love.”

That means, her inability to have kids after a two-year-old marriage was not down to her infertility but because the husband has always been using protection with her while making love.

That’s shocking to hear. The couples both own each other’s bodies after marriage. Why will couples be using protection after two years even when they still don’t have kids yet?

The husband, however, replied to her accusation in public. The husband whose name will not also be disclosed said: ”I have never loved you. I was forced to marry you even though I told my mom that I would have preferred my ex-girlfriend she rejected because she’s from another tribe (Igbo to be precised).”

That’s really shocking to hear from the two young couples. It is very common in Africa for parents to choose who their children will marry. No wonder, marriages no longer last like it used to be in the olden days.

Every child that is above 22, has a job, and lives alone, should be allowed to choose whosoever he or she wants to marry. Parents need to stay clear from making selections for their kids.

As much as you want the best for your kids, it is not enough to decide his or her future partner. The earlier we realize this, the better for our children.

May we not push our kids to their doom or destruction. Amen.

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