Woman who is married for 4 years says Her Husband is The Reason She Committed Adultery

My husband speech reason i committed adultery; Lady says
So my wife of 4 years and I decided to confess to each after things went a little sour in our marriage.

She told me my friendly taunts that ‘babe you’re getting old oh, I am sure you aren’t getting toasters again’ led her to commit adultery. That she actually slept with her old crush who happens to be a lecturer in her former school last year.

She told me she was going for a make-up job over the weekend last October, I even gave her money for transport and all.
She still used my money to lodge herself and her married lecturer man friend in the hotel and got dicked. She said that was the first time and she regretted it. And that she stopped talking to the man right after the Bleep.

I also told her I had a side chick for about 6 months and had a couple of flings with other girls but quit all after my side chick said she got pregnant and wanted to start blackmailing me. And I later discovered the pregnancy was ‘audio’ she only just wanted money.

We both felt sorry and forgave each other, but my big question now is, if she dated someone right under my nose and I didn’t notice, and she perfectly did it. plus she’s this church kinda wifey.

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