Wife Uju 32 and House Maid 17,Both Pregnant for 42 years old Emeka Oliseh of Elele in Rivers state(Details)

Emeka Oliseh 42,of Elele in Rivers State , pregnant wife uju 32, just discovered that their house maid 17 is Also pregnant ( Details will surprise you)

Man with pregnant wife impregnates his house maid

The peace in the serene town of Elele in Rivers state has been in uproar after what appeared to be a scene from a home video. Emeka oliseh 42, a father of three is reeling from the news making rounds in his local community and social media.

His pregnant wife uju 32, just discovered that their house maid 17, is also five months pregnant just as she is.

When she was questioned about the paternity of her unborn child, she dropped the bomb to the shock of her madam and sundry.

She confessed that her boss Emeka has been having sex with her from the first week she moved into their shared apartment, with the promise of buying her a phone.

This discovery has sparked widespread condemnation from the local community, who are displeased with the man for taking advantage of an innocent girl and thereby getting her pregnant, while expecting a child from his wife.

However some social media commentators argue that the man has double blessings coming his way.

The big question now is, should the maid be allowed to give birth in Emeka’s house?

Should he marry her also or go to jail for defilement of a minor?

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