No protesting Nigerian should be beaten,Both For or against. beating handed Deji Adeyanju stands condemned :- Zolex Reporters.

No protesting Nigerian should be beaten by another bunch of protesters protesting for or against. No Nigerian out there on a peaceful protest should be clubbed and bludgeoned for their views.

There have been fewer scenes more horrific this year than the images that emerged from the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) of Abuja on Monday, December 23, 2019. Deji Adeyanju of the Concerned Nigerians group was clubbed, kicked from all sides, beaten, his shirt and pants torn, he was made to fall from a moving car and was dragged through the tarmac like a common criminal.

He was left to lie in a pool of his own blood afterwards, bruised, in agony and left for dead.

The perpetrators were a ragtag team of scruffy young men who had arrived the scene to disrupt the Adeyanju led protests calling for the release of Omoyele Sowore, the journalist and politician who has been in DSS custody since August, despite a court ruling that he be set free on bail.

If we run a society hinged on the principles of freedom of expression, freedom of movement, the right to free speech and every other democratic tenet known to modern man, no bunch of protesters should be harassing the other and beating them to a pulp because they hold a different view. No bunch of supporters or protesters should attempt to beat the other off the park and gag them just because they are an opposing voice. No one should suppress the rights of another in 2019.

What happened to Adeyanju on Monday should be condemned by all right thinking Nigerians and in the strongest terms possible. No, we will not accept it. No one, no matter their persuasion, deserves to be so beaten. It was barbaric, insane, silly and inhumane. Worse, it was done right before police officers who couldn’t rein in the perpetrators.

We call on the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mohammed Adamu, not to handle this with levity and to immediately summon the officers on the scene for interrogation. They should be asked why they couldn’t protect the protesters

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