God Things Are Happening Oh! “I Slept With Over 100 Female Dead Bodies ” Morgue Attendant Confesses

We have heard stories from far and wide of people doing strange things for gratification, but sometimes in our own perfect world, we have no idea of the bizarre happenings in the world and thats why I’m here to shed some light on some of the diverse strange happenings.
Imagine having a husband who you thought was cheating on you, only to find out he was sleeping with corpses?, that was the horror faced by the wife of Kenneth Douglas.

Kenneth Douglas who worked in a morgue, and is now in his 60’s, was a morgue attendant in the United States, Ohio , and had been committing this crime since the 90’s, which tells you that these things have been happening for a while. During the course of his work he had intercourse with the dead women in the morgue when he worked the night duty.
He admitted to having carnal knowledge of the corpses of three women between 1991 and 1992, and the worst part of it all was that two of these women were murder victims.

One of them was April Hicks, she was a 24-year-old woman who had fatally. fallen from a third-story window and had died from blunt trauma which was caused by the tragic fall.
Another victim was Charlene Applin, Charlene was a 23 year old lady who was strangled to death, when she was 6 months pregnant.

And then the lady who got him exposed, was 19 year old Karen Range, who was a murder victim, Douglas did the same thing with her corpse on the day she was killed . Karen was murdered by a door to door marketer. Although her killer David Stefen Admitted to killing her, he denied doing any other thing to her , on further examination it was discovered that the DNA found was owned by Douglas, who was a mortuary attendant in the morgue her body was taken to. Her body had been slashed and in the report it was stated that her head was almost separated from her body.
Douglas’s admission to the crime opened a can of worms as he admitted that he had abused the Corpses of over a 100 other women in 16 years plus .
He claimed that he mostly did that when he was drunk or high on crack . He claimed that he never did that when he was not high.
The family of the diseased filed a lawsuit against the perpetrator of the heinous crimes and his workplace “The County” .
At first The County denied having any knowledge of their employee’s actions but they now face a Federal lawsuit and huge legal bills.
As Douglas’s wife had called the supervisor of the morgue and reported that she suspected that he was sleeping with corpses as he came home smelling funny. The supervisor allegedly answered saying
‘Whatever happens on county time and on county property is county business’ so that means Douglas’s supervisors knew he was getting drunk and abusing corpses while on the job. They now face a huge lawsuit and heavy fines.
Some people may think it doesn’t matter because they were dead, but human beings deserve to be respected regardless.

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