Depression is a serious disease,”Please Shoot Me”,Mother Who Murdered Her 2 Year Old Twins Cries Out

Depression is a serious disease, and people need to start paying attention to the mental health of our friends and family.
A mother has allegedly admitted to killing her twins with her “bare hands” before she attempted suicide.
The woman Tenia Campbell who was 24 years old, allegedly called her own mother, Vanessa McQueen, earlier that day crying very hysterically and kept telling her mom over the phone that she was tired of life and kept saying she did not want to live anymore.
Her mother then quickly picked up her phone and contacted 911 immediately pleading with them to try and track her daughter , saying her daughter was threatening to kill herself and her granddaughters.

Jasmine and Jaida Campbell were two years old who were found dying in their car seats inside their mother’s vehicle at the entrance of Montauk County Park hours after a panicked call from their mom prompted a multiagency search,as Aviation, highway patrol, the Coast Guard and multiple other agencies assisted in the search. As their grandmom was really scared.
During the lengthy phone conversations lasting over two hours between Vanessa and her daughter Tenia Campbell, McQueen said in a statement to police that stated clearly that her daughter admitted to killing the twins with her bare hands, as no weapon was found.
“I killed my babies and now I have to be with them,” Campbell allegedly told her mother, while crying hysterically on the phone .
Vanessa’s written statement says that at one point she said she was going to find the ocean and walk into it and drown so she could be with her babies in Heaven.
Telephonic GPS saved the day too late as it eventually led investigators to Tenia, who had left her parked vehicle, with the girls inside, and walked to a highway where she screamed at the officers, begging them to shoot her.
The police, However managed to take her into custody without further incident.
The children were found in cardiac arrest and were immediately transported to Stony Brook Southampton Hospital, where they were sadly pronounced dead. They had no outward signs of trauma, and were possibly choked or suffocated.
Unfortunately these angels’ Jasmine and Jaida’s lives were cut short in the most unimaginable way possible and at the hand of their mom who they loved so much.
So allegedly Tenia Campbell had no known history of mental illness, although her mom begs to differ as she claimed in her statement to the police that her daughter Tenia Campbell had a very long history of mental disorders. So apparently she must have been struggling, as she was so eager to die.
Her mother states Tenia was once diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and had sadly battled with depression and anxiety her “whole life.”
Campbell has a third child, a 4-year-old boy, who was amazingly found safe during the search for the twins.
The girls’ estranged father who was separated from Tenia was notified of their deaths although Tenia and her mother had been the ones to care for the young girls.
This is really sad, please pay attention to the signs and follow up on the lives of your lives ones.
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