Why most Men Are Afraid To Sleep With Their Wives ,man needs fragrant

The reason why so many marriages breakup or at the verge of collapse is not far fetched as the enemy of a man is that of his own household.

Some married women are the reasons their husbands don’t like to make LOVE to them because they look DIRTY.

A man needs a fragrant that draws him more closer to his woman. However, the reverse is the case as some wives refuses to shave their armpit hair, thereby producing offensive odour, this chases the man away.

Findings reveals that situations like these comes in when bearing children steps in, they don’t look attractive to their husband, looking unkept.

Lectures from marriage seminars also have it that obesity sets in when the woman eats anyhow and everything and becomes fat, some women don’t know men are moved by what they SEE in a woman.

Marriage experts and counselors have also hit on this to women as it makes lose shape and no longer looks sexy as she used to be before the husband married her.

The saying that CLEANLINESS is next to Godliness, becomes inevitable. Women now rush to their pastors, prayer houses or embark on fasting to make their own husband love them.

Check yourself woman!

In the meantime, KUDOS to those women whose husband would always rush back home to see and eat their food after closing from work.

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