I Am 35 Years Old,Still Single.Can I Still Find Someone to Marry me? My younger sister is already planning for her wedding next year.

Menopause age is in between 45-55 years. This is one of the reasons why women tend to marry earlier and quicker than men.

That is why you always hear a statement such as ‘women night comes too early’. So whenever a woman begins to approach 35 and there is yet no sign of a potential mate she begins to worry.

That is just the case of the lady in this story.

See the message she sent below. Please comment to help her with her predicament.

“Hello, @Realgists please keep me anonymous. I want to share my story.
I am 35 years old, I was born on the 12th of November 1984.

I have dated 5 guys already but none of them seems to work out for me. 3 out of the guys are married already enjoying their family life.

One of the remaining 2 is already preparing for his wedding… I saw his pre-wedding shots yesterday.

The last one said he doesn’t ‘really think he loves me’

I’m currently devastated and I don’t really know what to do at the moment.

My 2 closest friends are already married and have given birth to kids. My friend who got married first has given birth to 2 kids. The 2nd one gave birth 2 years ago and already pregnant again for her 2nd.
So please I’m worried seriously. Men don’t really woo me again. The little ones that keep coming are just players not willing to commit.
What should I do now? I am growing older every day. My younger sister is already planning for her wedding next year.
And considering I’m a lady, it means menopause is knocking at the door already.

Please, I want to give birth! I want at least 3 kids.

Please share to your timeline I will follow the thread. Thanks!”

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