My Husband Friend is Hot, it will take all my will power to turn him down ; lady narrates

Different events are actually taking place In today’s world and I don’t know what I can say about this. In a letter, a lady revealed her feelings for her husband’s friend.

The letter reads ;

Dear Bunmi,

I’ve been with my husband for over ten years and we have three lovely children and a good house of our own. We both have good jobs and life is good.
Although I love my husband to bits, I’ve fancied his very good friend for years. He’s been quite helpful and friendly to me, and I even get jealous if he speaks of other women.

If he hits on me, it’s going to require all my willpower to turn him down! Christy, by e-mail.

Dear Christy,

What you’re describing has all the signs of lust, not love. You’re happy with your home and husband, but you want the excitement of strong emotion.
So, you lust after this man from a distance, get jealous if he sees someone else
The reality is, if you knew your partner’s best friend as well as you know your husband, you’d feel the same about him. You’d be affectionate but restless. So, instead of trying to hurriedly have a bite of the forbidden fruit, hoping not to be caught, put your energy back into loving your husband.

Talk yourself out of doing anything you’ll later be very ashamed of.

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