I Resigned Because My Boss was Dating and Sleeping with almost all the Female Employees

They say, ”it is a small world”, but I say, ”it is a small world with big things happening in it.”

That is the best description I can give to my seven years of service in this reputable company.

It all started with my promotion. I was due for it but nothing happened.
I reached out to my supervisor and complained about it. He told me to be patient.

While I was being patient, I noticed that my younger colleagues were being promoted. These are the people I trained at work.
I was worried and decided to ask him again. This time, he told me that he would forward my name. I still didn’t get promoted. I became angry and bitter. Why will I be giving my best and still won’t get promoted?

My supervisor finally invited me to his office and started. ”Not getting a promotion is all your fault.” He said staring at me. I was looking confused. I had no idea what he was talking about. I decided to press further by asking countless questions.
”How Sir? What do you mean? Why? I asked.”

He said, ”I showed you some signs and even discussed it with you but you objected. You said you are a Christian. You don’t do it. Okay, let your Christianity promote you now.”
I was shocked. I finally understand the reason why he has been denying me the promotion. Perhaps, he was punishing me for not accepting his love advances.
I became weak and gutted. I am a Christian and my faith doesn’t go with that. What do I do?
I decided to share it with a colleague at the office. But to surprise, she said, ”There’s nothing new under the sun. Remember, this is about your career. Dating your supervisor doesn’t mean you are married to him. Be wise.”
I was left flabbergasted. Really!
I love my job and I have always given my best. I can’t just let this man intimidate me. I started digging deep to know how to scale through.
”Should I report him to the board?”, I asked myself but I basically have no evidence. I swallowed the pains. I decided to overlook It and endure. But I could not take it anymore when I discovered that my supervisor was dating all the women in the company. Even the ones that are married.
What an abomination!
I wanted to report him to the board when I realized that most of the members of the board are also into this dirty act.
I gave up fighting a lost battle. Instead, I draw the curtains on my seven years of service at the company. My dignity means a lot to me.
This is an agony of every female employee in Nigeria. Employees are made to see themselves as lucky for having a job.
Listen, every employee deserves a bit of response. Nobody is doing anyone a favour. It is a win-win situation.
Female employees need to be protected.

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