Can I marry him? I’m older than him, and I’ll be 37 years old next year, confused lady asked

A lady who pleaded anonymity ( Seun, not real name), as cried out about her predicament after being jilted by several suitors.

In one of the cases which made her cry most, is how a Prophetess snatch her fiance for her daughter after they went to her for prayers.

According to her, “the so-called Prophetess cunningly linked her daughter with my fiance after she discovered he was rich(he works in NNPC).

Since then, I moved on with my life because my fiance left me for the lady; I do know it’s the handiwork of that woman” she explained.

However, recently, Seun met a guy who truly loves her and ready to marry her, but the guy is a year younger than her. This new turn of event has set Seun into confusion, as she’s contemplating and do not know what to do.

According to her “will I now marry someone that I’m older than ? Why is my case like this ? I’ll be 37 years old next year, she laments.

This young lady needs advice on how to deal with this situation. What do you advice ?

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