Suicide avoided:Mother of 2 Sold Her Phone Without Deleting Her Nude Pix & Video in Anambra, He Leaks The Video,{details}

A lady sold her phone to a man without deleting her private nude videos and pictures, the man leaked them on social media. It’s everywhere, even on porn sites.
Now she is crying, she wanted to commit suicide but was rescued by Harrison Gwamnishu, the CEO of Behind Bar Initiative.

Mr Harrison said:

“Today, we rescued a lady from taking her LIFE. According to her statement, She sold her infinix Hot 4 to one Chigozie Agunwa and forgot to delete some of her private videos.

Currently, the video is all over social media and porn site.

I have assured her of our support and to make sure the perpetrators of this evil act are brought to justice.

I have reached out to Anambra Police command and they are ready to curtail the situation.


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