Since I Slept With My Husband’s Best Man On Our Wedding Night, I Am In Trouble :- I Need Help

When I received this email, I was shocked and couldn’t believe the story at first. So, I had to reply and begged the lady to send me her phone contact so I could call or message her on WhatsApp for more details.

At first, she was reluctant to until I gave her my word that I won’t reveal her identity whatsoever.

According to Christy (not real name), she met her husband in a bus on her way to Lagos for her NYSC orientation. They sat close to each other and he was quite a nice young looking guy.

He based in Asaba but was on a business trip to Lagos to buy some goods. His look and his English was what attracted me to him, though I later learnt he was a graduate from Imo State University. That’s how our relationship started after we exchanged numbers. He promised to keep in touch and true to his words, he didn’t disappoint.

During my service year in Lagos, he would come to visit me whenever he came to Lagos for business purposes. And he was so generous that he would buy things and even gift me and my friends’ cash. I remembered one time he took us outing, me and two of my corper friends; Kenechi and Doris, we ate and left with enough takeaway as if we are from hungry homes. All I saw in his face that night was smiles and he could jokes like Basketmouth.
After my service year, I was opportune to get a contract job with diamond bank in Awka, so it was easy for me to visit him in Asaba during weekends. I would visit on Friday after work and go back on Sunday evening.

It was fun and I love every bit of his company and love making.
One day, I was placed on sick leave after a brief illness and I decided to pay him a surprise visit and there, I received the shock of my life; Kenechi was in his house for the week.

My own Kenechi! How on earth could this be possible and how long has this been going on behind my back? I asked with tears and in pain, all he could say was that I am the one he love that even Kenechi and Doris knows.

Doris? Does it mean Doris has been sleeping with my guy too? I thought I would die that day but I managed to survive the night and traveled back the next day.

He kept calling and promising me that it is nothing and that everything will be alright. When I stopped picking his calls, he sent his friend to come and talk to me. I had to confide with his best friend Frank, who promised to talk to him and caution him to behave.

We later reconcile but there was something he told me that refused to leave my mind. He said that night after making love with me “I shouldn’t feel bothered and hurt too much, after all; we are still dating so whatever happens in relationship is just relationship not marriage” He kept on coming to awka to visit me and I couldn’t deny him sex anything he came because I love him so much and I know he know me too – but why me?

So when he proposed to me, I was happy with a mixed feeling. I accepted the proposal because I love him so much but had been planning revenge on him by having sex with another man before our wedding – the only cute and handsome guy I can only think of at that time was his friend, Frank.
I had to seduce him and made him have sex with me. That night, we made love three times before he retired to the bachelor’s night party. My problem now is Frank could spank my ass whenever he is alone with me in my own house. He nearly kissed me while my husband was taking his bath one Sunday.

I have tried warning him always but he kept on asking for one more time but i know it will be too risky to dare and I don’t know how my husband would feel if he ever told him or should I tell him before he hears it outside or from Frank?

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