“Mrs Biodun is Married with 2 kids but Pregnant for her Pastor”, Read as she Narrates

“It took this pregnancy for me to know the gravity and consequence of my action, I have been confused on what to do with my pregnancy as it’s still few weeks old even though my husband won’t suspect he’s not the owner of the pregnancy but my conscience won’t be at rest.

My name is Mrs Biodun XXX and I’m married to a very lovely man but works in UK and we have 2 kids. Only a matter of time, we would join because he just got the UK job months ago. We live happily until one day, a pastor moved to our neighborhood, lives 2 blocks from my block.

The first day I saw him, I won’t lie, he looked so cute I didn’t even know he is a pastor. Days later, we crossed path on the street and we introduced each other, that was when I knew he is a Pastor, and I was like, that’s very good. Since then, whenever we see each other, we exchange pleasantries as neighbors and gradually we became close neighbors and we visited each other’s houses especially since I have no job. We would gist, talk about stuffs and just like that, I started developing feelings for him. I knew this wasn’t right but the feelings became stronger.

One day, I told him of my feelings towards him and he told me he felt same way too but because I’m married and he’s a pastor, he didn’t want to commit and offend God and Man. That feeling was so strong that while we were talking about our feelings, we ended up kissing and smooching without sex. But as days went by and as the feelings grew, we finally had sex. It was a feeling of pleasure and guilt, I became confused. Then it became normal to both of us. Wasn’t long my husband returned to the UK when the pastor and I had the very sex that has made me pregnant.

I told Pastor about the pregnancy and he begged me not to abort it, he won’t claim the child but he will be happy to be seeing his child and happy that I will be the mother of his child since my husband won’t suspect.

Right now, I’m confused because I love my husband, I guess my lust for Pastor has put me on this situation. What do I do please?”

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