“Churches are now a Business, no saving souls anymore” The are after money- Actress Uche Jombo fumes,

Religion is such a big tool for easy manipulation in the modern era. In the ongoing searchlight into the many underground fraudulent activities of churches, there have been accusations & counter accusations on social media, and actress Uche Jombo has hinted that indeed most churches are now turned into big business venture.

The Nollywood actress Uche Jombo says it straight without mincing words that nowadays most churches operate as a business venture with little or no interest in humanitarian services or saving souls. Lately, especially in Nigeria (and other African countries like Ghana, South Africa, Kenya) where there’s an overwhelming presence of churches on virtually in every area, the conducts of some church pastors have been extremely less satisfactory. Many of the churches are simply tagged a SCAM. See below Uche Jombo’s tweet:

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