Igbo Girl ” NGOZI “Marries her Chinese Lover “Long Ting” in Anambra (Photos)

Photos of A Chinese Man named “Long Ting” marrying Igbo Lady, Ngozi in Anambra State, Nigeria.

The photograph Above is a photo of New wedded Couple, the Girl’s Name is Ngozi while her husband’s Name is “Long Ting”. Both were officially Recognized as husband and wife yesterday in Anambra State.

A Chinese man with a rather hilarious name, ‘Long Ting’ decided that Nigerian women of Igbo ethnicity is where he wants to pick a life partner, as he ties the knot in grand style with his heartthrob, Ngozi in Anambra State.

Mr. Long Ting was seen traditionally dressed in complete Igbo regalia, adding a staff making him a complete Igbo man.

Check More photos below:

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