Deadly snakes wrap themselves around a makeshift Christmas decoration on a busy shopping street Melbourne

A backpacker stumbled upon the unusual sight of three dangerous snakes wrapped around a decorated sign on a busy street. 

The unsettling image was posted to a Facebook group on Tuesday with the caption, ‘Just in Australia… Snakes hanging on a Christmas tree in Melbourne.’

The picture showed three deadly Australian snakes entangled on a sign post that was wrapped in green and gold tinsel to resemble a Christmas tree.  

A backpacker shared the image of three deadly snakes wrapped around a post in Melbourne

The surrounding environment depicted a bustling main street with a shopping strip visible in the background behind cars and tram tracks. 

Members of the Australian Backpackers 2019 group were quick to identify the reptiles as a red-bellied black snake, an eastern brown snake, and a tiger snake. 

One commenter said: ‘How they got our three most venomous snakes on the same pole, I’ll never know.’

‘Why are those three all together? Let alone all together up a lamp post in a city? I am Australian and this is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen,’ quipped another member. 

One backpacker even began to rethink spending more time in Australia and said: ‘They’re plastic right, cos otherwise I gotta look for flights asap.’  

The original poster responded to the incredulous comments and assured the responders that the picture was indeed legitimate. 

‘It’s not fake they are real and there was a snake buster guy as well,’ he explained.  

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