How i landed in trouble after i slept with my neighbor’s wife,Not knowing she only used me to get pregnant TWICE (full details)

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to cry out on how he landed into perpetual trouble after sleeping with his neighbor and vendors wife.

According to him, the lady was introduced as the sister to the man, but unknown to him, they are a couple. He cried out that she only used him to get pregnant TWICE and everything turned “upside down”.

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There is this shop I normally stock my house from then. One day I came to buy things as usual, the guy, the owner of the shop introduced one girl to me telling me she is his sister. After that day I stopped seeing the guy but only the girl in the shop.
One day I traveled, while on the travel someone called, introduced herself and explained who she is. Obviously she took my number from my younger brother staying with me. She pretended to be angry with me for not telling her am traveling and for me not knowing her name before then. Of course I apologized but she demanded I should take her out when am back before she will accept my apology I obliged.
I came back kept to my promise but made it in an open place, National theater precisely.
But then she booked another date next week but insisted it won’t be open place anymore.. The rest is history.
One day I came to her shop to buy something and over heard a close friend calling her Iyawo Ossy, that wasn’t the first I heard someone address her as Iyawo Ossy but I become curious this time because this person is a close friend and should know better. She tried to wave it with excuse of anybody is free to call her what they like but when I insisted, she finally opened up…..
Ossy was not her brother but her fiance with whom she has been together for 6 six years.
But, according to her Ossy is waiting for her to take in before going to see her people.
The reason why both of them chose to be telling people they are siblings remain a mystery to me till today….
I got mad and call it quit with her for trying to use me to secure marriage. The whole relationship did not last up to 2 months but obviously it was a bit late already.

Weeks later it become obvious she is pregnant, deep inside of me I felt am responsible, but when I ask her she insist it belong to Ossy. I push but she stood her ground insisting it belongs to Ossy.
She went further denying the timing of the pregnancy, if doctor is saying 2 months she will be claiming her pregnancy is 1 month.
To my greatest surprise become hostile and start avoiding me even go further to claim they went for paternity test and the result shows it belong to the guy.
I gave up, dust my self and moved on.
Nine months later she put to bed to a girl..
Months later I move out of that area.
One day my phone rang it was her, she demanded that she need to see me, that she has an important discussion with me. I opt to recharge and call her for us to do the discussion on phone but she insisted so I sent her my new address.
Two days later she came, what she came to tell me was that she is leaving the guy that the marriage thing is not working.
She was seriously crying all through I tried all i could to console her but then one thing lead to another sex happened again. When she is about to leave she told me that am the father of her daughter not Ossy. That the story of going for paternity test was true but that the test never happened because the counsellor they meet ask them to go back and rethink it again but the Ossy changed his mind at the process.
I laugh off the story and asked her to take her leave because to me she is just trying to activate her option B. Two months later she called to inform that she has not seen her period I told her am not Interested in her stories again but then my conscience was never at peace. I keep asking my self what if pregnancy and the girl truly belong to me?
One year plus later I decided to go look for them I told my girl, now fiance and she give her support ..
What I saw when I reached there almost make me cry, her condition is so bad. There and then I decide to come in and start assisting her as much as i can pending when I go for DNA. My family kick against my decision, their reason is that the girl story is not to be trusted, on the other hand my girl was supportive but kick against DNA claiming if it is done and they are not mine my feelings for the kids will change.
But from then I start taking care of their feeding, schooling, clothing, rent e.t.c
After like a year my girl suggest I open business for the girl instead, so that she doesn’t have to come to me for everything everytime except school fees and medical bills.
I bought the idea and asked the lady to go look for shop …
While on that i told her of the need to open account for the kids.
Two days later she came back to tell me that her brothers said she should not change the name of the kids…
That the kids will bear the name of who ever that marry her or the name of her family if the person don’t want them.
Now what happened was that, she once told me that she need to change the girls surname to mine. Before then i don’t know their surname nor attach any importance to it. So while discussing the idea of opening the account for the girls I innocently suggest that she go do the change of name before opening the account.
I was hit by her responds and her body language so I told her that she and her brothers can go suit theirselves, that from then henceforth I have hands off her matter.
Later that day she called and begged but I told her that the only condition for me to keep assisting her is that she will change their names and also release one of them to me.
She said i should make out time and come down to her base so that we will discuss it. I discuss it with my fiance and she permit me to go. When I get there and raise the topic she flame up telling me she won’t try it, that that is the position of her family.
Obviously she was expecting a fight or angry reactions from me so that she can push her terms and agenda to the table ..
But was disappointed when I don’t fall for that, she start begging that she can change their names but can’t release any to me. I told her is no longer an option.
The meeting end at that and I took my leave, go with the start up capital i was meant to give her for her business.
She sent people to me to beg on her behave but I insisted. Finally she agreed, but with a condition that she (the first girl) must be up to 5years which is few months away then before she release her.
I sense lies in the whole thing but my girl insist I should release the fund for her to start the business of which I did when her pressure become much.
Since then I still pay their school fees nd medical bills…
Late last year the small one did surgery it was on me.
The 1st is 7 now the 2nd is 4 years old.
This year she said she wanna marry, that someone is asking for her hand in marriage
I congratulate her and wish her luck. Then ask her her plan for the kids.
What she answered me is ” let the will of God be done”
I called the woman, her friend who first told me about the marriage thing, after much drilling she open up that they have agreed with the man that he is going to marry her the kids.
I don’t have any problem with that even though I feel used but my only problem is why lying to me again? At that point am yet to pay their graduation /party fees out of anger I decide am not going to pay it again. I told her to go meet their new father to pay the remaining, but my conscience kept battling me.
My fiance is extremely mad at her now and have withdraw her support and insist I cut of with her entirely .
I understand her, she has been very understanding, supportive and always fighting for them even without knowing them or them knowing her.
I feel so bad for putting her in that position.
That becomes a very messy situation for me now becus I cant afford to ruin my relationship / marriage because of a renowed liar.
But what will be of those kids if I hands off them keep am awake some times at night because I don’t wanna be that father that abandon his kids but I cant afford to do anything which my woman do not approve or take her for granted in anyway.
Is obvious she is trying to blackmail me with the kids, But then am not even sure if they are mine ,and she have refused to release them because if she do I can be able to go for DNA. And know what next from there.
For a while now we have not talk, She called two weeks ago that the kids wanna talk to me obviously for school fees I turn it down and warn her against calling my line again …
I don’t know if that is right, I’m confused now.
My another worry now if those kids are mine is,
When it comes to Education we are at opposite end.
She don’t attach importance to education but me I attach so much importance to it.
I can’t trust her with the education of those kids.
Please I need advise on how to handle things.

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