Juventus 3-1 Udinese.two goals from C.Ronaldo as Bianconeri go top of Serie A with one more game played.

2019/2020 Serie A: 3 – 1

Ronaldo (9′)
Ronaldo (37′)
Bonucci (45′)
Pussetto (94′)

GOAL! Juventus 1-0 Udinese (Ronaldo)

RONALDO SCORES! Dybala chests the ball down and tries to turn with it, but Troot-Ekong gets a leg to it to take it away from him. He gives the to Ronaldo though who hits the shot first time and fires it into the bottom right corner. 1-0 Juventus!

Goal! The home team take a 1-0 lead through Cristiano Ronaldo.

Dybala booked for handball after goal ruled out

Dybala brings the ball down, takes a touch and then chips an excellent shot over Musso and into the back of the net. The goal is disallowed as he used his arm to bring it down and he’s shown a yellow card for handball.

GOAL! Juventus 2-0 Udinese (Ronaldo)

THEY HAVE A SECOND! Higuain excellently picks out Ronaldo in the box and he gets ahead of Nuytinck and fires the ball away from the goalkeeper and into the bottom left corner from the middle of the box. 2-0 Juventus!

GOAL! Juventus 3-0 Udinese (Bonucci)

AND IT’S 3-0! Udinese don’t clear their lines from a corner and Demiral heads it back into the box where Bonucci was waiting. He headed it over the goalkeeper, off the bottom of the crossbar and just over the line.

CLOSE! Dybala hits the beam

OFF THE BAR! Dybala picks up the ball just outside the box and decides to go for goal himself. He’s trying to lift the ball over the keeper, but there isn’t enough dip to take it under the crossbar as it bounces off the top of the goal.

Buffon makes a decent save to deny Lasagna

GREAT SAVE! Lasagna gets in between Bonucci and Demiral to get on the end of Fofana’s lifted pass. He takes it first-time and Buffon makes a great save to push it away from goal.

Sub! Bernardeschi replaces Dybala

OFF THE POST! Ronaldo is trying to get his hat-trick as he has yet another shot on goal. This one is a powerful shot from just outside the box and he’s beaten the keeper, but it bounces back off the inside of the near post.

GOAL! Juventus 3-0 Udinese (Pussetto)

UDINESE HAVE A CONSOLATION! It’s well worked into the box by Udinese and Mandragora tries to cut it back to the edge of the box. A deflection off Demiral takes it to Pussetto in the middle of the box though and he hits it first time to find the bottom left corner. 3-1!

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