EXPOSED: The public should note that No Court in Nigeria “Vindicated” Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA. :-SEGALINK

The case against him (both Criminal and Civil) are still potent and valid.

Everything is okay. If he’s lied to the Ministers invited to their highly publicized program in January let the ministers know they will be endorsing, reinforcing and validating the culture of serial sexual abuses and violations with their brands with their attendance.

The issue at hand has nothing to do with the Church but a recalcitrant individual refusing to admit his issues.

Genuine Ministers of God MUST realize that there is nothing like a New Generation of TRUTH.

EVERY Truth as captured in the scripture is valid through generations even after we’ve all been forgotten.@MensaOtabil @TudorBismark @MarissaFarrow Don’t let @MatAshimolowo mislead you!

He never denied before the law that he didn’t commit the offense but only objected on the basis that the incident happened long ago and must be seen as statute barred (as per the crime) but the cause of action is “intentional/deliberate infliction of emotional distress”…

No judge worth his/her salt would deem this statute barred.

Cases like this cause Mental Health degradation should a miscarriage of justice be allowed to reign.

The vulnerable in society will forever be abused by untouchable, powerful, privileged men/women in high positions.

The Harmful Cultural practices that hurts our men/women & children must be engaged without sentiments across sectors.

Sentiments should never be allowed to cloud our judgement. We all have ties to at least 2-3 women in our lives. Protect our Daughters, Nieces, Sisters & Mothers.

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