Nollywood Actress Peju Johnson says Some men send her their manhood & Nude pictures

Voluptuous Yoruba actress, Peju Johnson, relocated from Egypt to Nigeria in 2016 in order to actualize her dreams in Nollywood and ever since she has continued to soar.

The Osun State-born thespian recently shared with
Inside Nollywood some of the pains and gains of being well endowed.
Hear her: “My boobs get me the most attention compared to other parts of my body because I get a lot of comment on them. However, I have never been sexually harassed on account of that except by guys who send images of their manhood to me on social media.”

On celebrity crushes and marriage, the script interpreter admitted that she has an affinity for David Adeleke. She said: “The only person I have ever had a crush on is Davido. And yes, I have met him a couple of times.

That doesn’t mean I can marry a younger lover-oh. No! I am only interested in an older partner. He has to be my age-mate or a few years older than I am but not younger or too much older. I like intelligent and caring men. He must look good. To be attracted to a man, I also consider how he talks and what comes out of his mouth. I have never thought of marrying an actor because I can’t marry a man in the same profession as myself.”

As a budding act, Peju stated that despite the fact that lots of celebrities’ marriages are crashing. she doesn’t have cold feet embarking on marriage: “Marriage doesn’t scare me because while some marriages are crashing, others are waxing stronger. That it didn’t work out for someone else doesn’t mean it isn’t going to work out for me. It is sad that we have so many marital crisis but I am still going to get married and it is going to last long.”

Peju Johnson has featured in movies like Lekki Guys , Vow , Farayola, Aremudada , Igbekele, I ya karamo , Scar , Kogbagidi , Eto Mi, Ayetimowa ,
Single Mother and Abiyamo among others.

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