Sex👉👌Positions Best Performed on Your Couch😌(18+)

It’s natural to think of a couch as a place of Comfort😍

But how about if u wanted to have sex😌🍑? Would being on a couch kill that vibe🤔?

Most definitely not😊!!

To help support the possibility of sexual intercourse👉👌on a sofa, i want u to take Netflix and chill to a new level with a few couch-specific sex positions🍆🍑

Below, you’ll find 9 different expert-approved positions best performed for couch sex –all of which can be done without moving too far from the cushions👌😌.

• Couch Surf

One partner👨sits on the edge of the couch while the other partner👩sits in their lap facing in the same direction (away from their partner).

“She can sit upright or bend down😌 & grab her ankles to experience varied sensations😵.

Sex👉👌Positions Best Performed on Your Couch😌(18+)

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