Nobody made me governor,i even raised money for Oshiomhole’s government election – Obaseki

on Wednesday, Obaseki said he was not ungrateful as being described in some quarters. The governor, who stated this at the executive meeting of the APC, stated that he was not happy with the recent developments in the state.

The governor said when he first met Oshiomhole 12 years ago, they shared a common interest in salvaging the state but all that had changed in recent times.

He stated, “I am not an ungrateful person. No one made me governor. I became governor by God’s grace, with the support of many other people. If God had said I would not be governor, no way would I have been governor. It is wrong for someone to say he made me governor.

“No one gave me money. The fund Oshiomhole initially raised for his governorship ambition was raised by me in Lagos. If I can raise money for him for his election, why would I not be able to raise money for my own election.”

The governor said the national chairman was not truthful about comments on his administration, adding, “If you came into power on some basic principles, do not expect to change those principles because you have certain ambition. If you came to power believing no man is God, then the day you start to play God, you will get the consequences.”

At the meeting, the leaders said the suspension of Oshiomhole became necessary because the national chairman had been deploying divisive tactics to cause disharmony in the party.

While addressing the APC leaders from the 18 local government areas of the state, the state Chairman of the APC, Anslem Ojezua,  traced the genesis of the crisis to the primary elections in 2018.

He stated, “All these started since the party primaries in 2018 when we conducted the primaries to nominate candidates for the general election held in 2019. It appeared that after that elections, the Edo APC didn’t know peace again.

Nobody made me governor,i even raised money for Oshiomhole’s government election – Obaseki

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