Robert Gibson, 35 Kills Himself Over Cheating Girlfriend Lisa

Robert Gibson, 35, died around 3am yesterday and a neighbour at the girlfriend’s house Abel Musabe said he found the deceased naked crying out for help on his doorstep.

The now deceased Robert is said to have premeditated suicide last week after he struck his grandmother with a fist on the jaw and threatened to beat up his mother who was discouraging him from seeing his girlfriend named Lisa.
The deceased’s mother, Chenai Gibson, told the source that she invited her mother-in-law to help her talk Robert into leaving his girlfriend Lisa after she allegedly infected him with an STI but he became violent.

“We tried by all means to stop him from seeing that no good woman but she (Lisa) even dared to come here yet she infected my son with a disease.

“Robert went to the extent of beating up my mother, he struck her on the jaw with a fist and she is yet to recover.

“He even threatened to beat me up also, destroyed a toilet seat and last week he said he wanted to drown rat poison and accused me of ill-treating him but I’m the one who took him to the clinic to get treatment for STI,” said the mother.
H-Metro spoke to the girlfriend Lisa who denied all the accusations laid on her from the Dzivarasekwa community who accused her of bedding men while she was dating Robert leading to his death.

yes, he was my boyfriend but I woke up to the news from a neighbor Musabe who then told me Roby had drowned rat poison, otherwise I’m not sure why he decided to take his own life, maybe it’s because he beat up his grandmother, I don’t know,” said Lisa.

A woman at the scene who preferred anonymity told this publication that Lisa often beds a lot of men around the suburb.

She has been like this and the whole of Dzivarasekwa is aware of her shenanigans

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